Jonathan & Brittney's Buchanan Michigan Wedding

When Brittney & Jonathan got ahold of me and asked me to photograph their wedding in Buchanan Michigan, I was thrilled to have gotten that chance. You see, I have known these two for years and have been lucky enough to not just hang out with them, attend a few parties (some are more blurry than others) and have a shot or two, but I get the chance to call them friends! 

These two really are kind-hearted, selfless and all around great people. The fact I got to follow them around for the day, capture some memories and party with them just made for this wedding to be just downright amazing. 

Was it the biggest wedding bash Buchanan as ever seen? I couldn't tell you that, I don't have that kind of data... But was it a party filled with a bunch of kickass people who got together to celebrate two amazing-freaking-individuals? You're damn right! ❤️

Congrats you two!