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I can't thank you enough for stopping by my website. I would love to take you through what your wedding day with me might look like. So just scroll on down and enjoy the site. Thanks again! 

-Wes Jerdon-


From Start to Finish


I’m a die-hard romantic and weddings are my favorite thing to photograph. It’s the primary focus of my business…What I live to do and what I do to live…So it doesn’t make sense for me to shoot for only a few hours. There’s so much that goes into your wedding day and I want to be able to tell your WHOLE story. That’s why I include full-day wedding coverage in all of my collections.




Before the ceremony even begins there are plenty of precious moments happening. While you get your hair & makeup done and think of the day ahead, chat with your bridesmaids, exchange gifts, and laugh hysterically at your soon-to-be-partner’s text message, I will be there to freeze those memories in time. This is part of your story and it’s just as important to me as capturing your first kiss as newly weds.


The First Look

Seeing each other before the ceremony is optional but highly recommended! It gives you a chance to see each other and spend a few private moments before you face the busy day together. It allows for you both to express your truest emotions without spectators. It means you get to see his face up close when he sees you for the first time! It also allows you to schedule your family pictures for before the ceremony so that afterwards you can walk straight down the aisle and begin the party!


It's All in the Details


Time, sweat and tears have been invested into this special day of yours! Countless treasures, center pieces, heirlooms, decorations and sentiments will be scattered throughout your wedding day and we’ll be sure to capture those for you so they’re never forgotten. With all the effort you’ve put in to them, we promise to be detail oriented!


Down the Aisle


When you step into the aisle, there’s an incredible rush that comes over you. Time slows and your mind begins to replay all the moments that led you to this one. The day you met…your first date…your first kiss. The road of life has led you to this small aisle where you’ll begin walking a single path, together. The looks on your faces are burned into each other’s memories forever. You’re passing the smiling faces of your family members and friends. You glance to the side and notice that your mothers are tearing up as well and then it’s all over…You’re crying and smiling at the same time.. And it’s amazing.



After the Ceremony.


You’ve both said, “I do.”. You’ve kissed your newly married spouse for the first time ever. You’ve walked down the aisle to cheers and applause! What do you do now? If it works best for your wedding day schedule, we’ll take this time to capture all the different groups of people who have supported you on this amazing journey. We encourage memorable moments, intimate portraits and bridal party shenanigans but we’ll keep it quick, too, because we know you’re excited to get to the party!


It's Party Time!


Put on your dancin’ shoes and get ready to make an unforgettable entrance because it’s time to PAR-TAY!!! This part of the night is where it all comes together and everyone can just relax and have fun.  I’ll see you on the dance floor!


Creative Imagery


This is the part of the evening where as an image craftsman get the chance to let my artistry have fun. Being inspired entirely by you and your day I am able to create something unique, just like you and your story.