Sam & John's Downtown South Bend Engagement Session

On the day of the engagement session was the first chance I got to meet Sam & John. We decided to meet up at South Bend Brew Werks in South Bend Indiana. Before most engagement sessions I like to hang out for a bit, let the camera sit at my side and just talk. This gave us a chance to break the ice, have a beer and chat for a while.

I got to hear about their military background, how they met (oh the stories 🤣) and a bunch of fun facts about them. And of course the moment I found out they were both gaming nerds and also loved the game Overwatch... Well... I mean, what's not to love about these two? Lol.

Had a blast hanging out with the both of them during this esession. They were goofy, carefree and truly just looked like two best friends. It was awesome! While we roamed the downtown South Bend area for some pre-wedding photos we of course had to stop and get some cheese cake... #Priorities!

Thank you both SO freaking much for having me out and letting me take your photos. You're both some kickass people and I hope to one day catch you both on Overwatch, PC of course, lol.