Malinda & Chkuhmoen - Pokagan Wedding

Malinda & Chkuhmoen (Chik) had one amazing wedding. I got the chance to visit a beautiful piece of land on the Pokagan band property as well as spend the day with some great people. Their wedding day was beautiful with barely a cloud in the sky. The water there was so clean, clear and pure... It was amazingly gorgeous.

We started off the day at a cabin on the tribal property where everyone was finishing up their breakfast and preparing for the day. Malinda was upstairs getting her hair & makeup done while Chik was downstairs hanging out with the guys getting prepped for the day.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and a brand new experience to me. It was inspiring with the amount of love and respect for the nature around them to embrace them both on their journey together. It was moving.

With the ceremonies over and rings placed upon their fingers, it was time for family photos, drone shots from above and a ride to the reception in an old school Bentley. 

The reception took place at "Pop's" place in Buchanan. It's a wonderful piece of land and a home that is as impressive as it is filled with fond memories. Malinda & Chik pulled up in the Bentley and was announced into their wedding reception. 

As the reception began, speeches were had, dinner was served and cake was shoved into faces. It was awesome. Malinda and Chik have a great sense of appreciation for each other and the playful love they have for one another is inspiring. Having gotten the chance to photograph one of the biggest days of their lives together, you could instantly tell these two will have no problems growing old together.

Congrats you two and thank you SO much for allowing me to be apart of your wedding day. <3 



Brooke & Bryan's Goshen Wedding

The morning I woke up to get ready to photograph Brooke & Bryan's wedding I began the day with a smile across my face. You see, every couple can react differently when being photographed and that determines how I approach capturing their day. Some take a bit of time to warm up to the camera, some require full direction and some apparently can rock a runway with their posing skills. With Brooke & Bryan all I needed to do was keep on eye on them and capture the natural moments of love as it happened.

Every time they see each other, even if they've only been apart for 20 minutes, it's like it's been a week with how they hold and look at one another. The look in their eyes, how their bodies impatient tremble just to hold and embrace each other... It's beautiful.

All the events for the day took place at their local church, The Vine in Goshen Indiana. I walked into their church to see the tables were set, the beautiful bouquet designed by Livia Elizabeth Floral Design await its bride and Brooke was getting her hair done thinking of Bryan. She seemed relaxed yet her eyes were filled with impatient joy, you could tell she just couldn't wait to see Bryan. We planned for a "first look" around the corner from the Vine and what took place was pretty darn magical, see the photos below for yourself, you'll see what I am talking about. ;)

From the bottom of my heart, Brooke & Bryan, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be apart of your wedding day. You two mean a lot to me and I cannot wait to see how your lives unfold together. I know you two will lead an amazing life together. Thank you for everything.



Anita & Kyle Grigg's Wedding in Lakeville IN

The morning of Anita & Kyle's wedding started with such a beautiful semi-clear sky and warmer temperatures that helped with one great beginning to a wedding day. When we arrived Anita and the girls were getting ready inside of the Lakeville United Methodist Church, down the hall from their ceremony location.

Anita and her girls have quite the sense of humor I must say as I loved hanging out with them! Going through that morning and taking detail photos I could see the gleam in not only our bride Anita's eyes but also from her Mother. She was so proud and elated knowing that her daughter was too soon be walking down the aisle with her father towards her soon to be husband.

The ceremony was beautiful, tears were shed, and a bond between two wonderful people was made. 

Upon entering the reception hall I just was not prepared for what I was going to walk into... A candy bar and a balloon castle... Are.You.Freaking.Kidding.Me!? It was so amazing seeing all the hard work that went into preparing not just the reception but also that entire balloon castle, fit for our king & queen. :) 

I cannot thank you both enough for having me and may you two have wonderful and beautiful lives together. Thank you for allowing me to spend one of the most important days of your lives with you both.

Wes Jerdon 

Ashley & Torrey's Outdoor Michigan Wedding

Growing up in Niles Michigan I have gotten to know a few people from this small town and Ashley is one of those people. The first time I remember Ashley was in 3rd grade, Mrs. Bookwalter's class but I would never have guessed that years later I would get the chance to photograph her wedding!

Some people love ballroom weddings, others want it inside of a mansion or to take over an event center and party there. But I will tell you, there is something about backyard Michigan weddings that I just freaking LOVE! You get to party as long as you want, clean up whenever you'd like and no one can boss you around. Seriously, it's the best thing ever.

Ashley & Torrey are not your traditional bride & groom and I got to say, I wouldn't have it any other freaking way! They're both nothing but real honest people that enjoy nature, each other and a beer or three. 🤣 What's not to love about these two? 

Thank you both for being amazing people and for having me apart of your day.