A little bit about me. 


Hello! My name is Wes Jerdon. I’m a wedding photographer based in the Southwestern Michigan / Northern Indiana area (near Notre Dame University) and I’m the sole owner of Westley Leon Studios. Since you’re wondering what it’s like to have me photograph your wedding, let me tell you a little bit about myself!


Things I love: Watching movies, spontaneous dancing, cooking…and singing while I do it, true friendships with lots of laughter, conversations with complete strangers, everything about vinyl records, watching or photographing live concerts, making people laugh till their stomachs hurt.

I am always in pursuit of GREAT TIMES. Life is nothing without laughter! I’m super fun-loving and always up for anything, easy going and spontaneous…I make no apologies because we only live once! But as silly and goofy as I can be, I can be equally serious when necessary and I’m a hopeless romantic so I am absolutely in the zone during all your special moments. To put it simply…when you’re crying, I’m crying. When you’re laughing, I’m laughing. When you’re dancin’…I’M DANCIN!!!

You wanna know why I love weddings so much? Because I have an amazing marriage of my own. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Chelsea since 2007 and she is truly made of everything that is good in the world. We met at 18 and married at 20. I knew she was the one the moment I saw her. [Insert long, romantic love story here] (Note to self: cast Ryan Gosling in the movie).

As a photographer and artist, I would describe my style as modern, fun, dramatic, with a hint of quirkiness. I prefer to let events unfold before me without too much direction. It’s crucial to me that the images I create throughout the day are authentic and tell the true story of your wedding day. While there are times when I will give direction, especially during “WOW time,” I try to keep it simple so that I can capture the pure essence of your wedding day.